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Resources on Group Facilitation
Mediation & Consensus Decisions

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Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making
My Book from New Society Publishers
I wrote this book to introduce the CODM model for facilitating groups to widespread agreement. It describes a seven-step model that is participatory and collaborative, while also being efficient and flexible enough to use in groups that need to make decisions without delay.

A Virtual Learning Center About Making Decisions by Consensus
I am the curator for this public service website. It hosts a variety of resources about consensus decision making from many different perspectives.

Community Toolbox
Lists and Tips for Meeting Facilitation

A Pattern Language of Group Process
A collaborative exploration of what makes group conversations more fulfilling, inspiring, effective and whole.

Open Space Technology
A structure for conducting large meetings and gathering diverse input

World Cafe
A structure for hosting on-line conversations.

Appreciative Inquiry
An organizational self reflection process that focuses on strenghts & successes.

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
A network of professional dialogue facilitators

International Association of Facilitators
A guild of professional facilitators with resources for members

Articles on Mediation and a Directory of Mediators

Custody and Communication Made Easy. - The OurFamilyWizard® website
Co-parenting and shared/joint child custody management for divorced or unmarried parents. Parenting time, visitation schedules, activities, expenses, messaging, journals and more.

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